About the City

About the city

Naples is the largest city in the South of Italy. Until 1860, it was the third city in Europe, a magnificent capital of the vast Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, ruled by the powerful dynasty of the Bourbons. For centuries, the city was the cultural capital of the peninsula and the symbol of technological development.

Today, the splendor of Naples is visible at every turn. The whole Naples is a big downtown with magnificent temples, theaters, historic palaces, covered with beautiful paintings, antique statues and carvings. Under cobblestones  are hidden lower levels of the city, remains of buildings, squares, streets and old catacombs.

The choice of this city is not by chance.

Naples represents the ‘Italian lifestyle' with Archaeology, Architecture, Art, its tourist attractions and, of course, Tunnelling.

The Toledo Metro Station of Line 1 won the ITA Award 2015 for the “Innovative Use of Underground Space”. It is a unique example of a decentralised museum, offering dynamic enjoyment of artists’ creations, as the citizens have the possibility to travel an open artistic itinerary everyday.

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